The Best Automatic Additions to Your Home

Automatic Garage Doors

At this time of year, with the cold dark days, one of the nicer home improvement products to consider is the Electric Garage Door. We all know that, in an ideal world, we would want to park our cars in a garage.

This is not only for security but to protect our cars from the harsher weather conditions – not to mention the fact you will not have to scrape the ice off in the mornings! See more benefits.

In reality, most people who have a garage do not use it for putting their car in, instead they use it to store things they rarely use and this quickly becomes an unusable junk room that is rarely entered.

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates offer your family and home huge amounts of privacy and security. You are able to open and close your gates from the switch on a remote meaning you can keep any unwanted trespassers out.

Also, you won’t have to physically get out of your car to gain access to your property. All automatic gates come with a remote or switch, allowing you to open the gate from inside your car. This is convenient during bad weather. Look at products for automatic gates here.

Automatic Opener

An automatic opener does exactly that.  It can be activated by a number of different devices such as switches, floor sensors, beam switches, etc (all to separate order).  They are ideal for use by the less able, clean environments where contact is to be avoided, or just for the luxury home where cutting edge technology is standard. Click here.

Fitting is straight forward but should be carried out by an approved installer. The Automatic Opener is available to suite two widths of door, either 1000 or 1200mm.