Helpful tips to renovate your loft and attic space

Loft and attic spaces can sometimes be overlooked – you don’t realise how much room you really have up there!

Here are some top tips to consider when renovating:

#1 Check if space is capable 

Adding new space to a house adds weight and space – making sure your property can withstand it is vital.

Checking with a builder or an experienced surveyor beforehand will give you the best advice on whether you can plan to renovate.

Check advice on the foundations that are exposed that need underpinning.

#2 Get an idea of what you want 

Creating something habitable whilst having a great design can be hard to think of on the spot.

Watch this video to gain some ideas of what to do with your space:

#3 Seek responsible household clearance 

When going forward with renovating; you must consider ways of disposing of household waste and appliances.

This helps to keep a clean working space for yourself and builders to use.

The council provide services (in certain postcodes) to remove your junk and appliances – at a small fee.

There are specialist services that accommodate this for you – one we recommend is

They provide various services for your household waste at affordable rates with outstanding Google reviews.

“Always prompt & courteous – very quick & no hassles. We’ve used them for home and for a big workplace clear out. Very efficient.”

#4 Does your loft need planning permission

Loft renovations and conversions shouldn’t require permission with the following:

  • No extension higher than the existing roof
  • No raised platforms or balconies
  • Space doesn’t go beyond the existing roof or slope over
  • Does not add more than 40m3 of space for terraced houses, or 50m3  on detached and semi-detached properties

See more here:

#5  Loft conversion and renovation costs

Depending on your specifications – converting a loft or attic can be pricey!

The level of costs can depend on your own level of involvement and the design route you take.

Spend some time negotiating with builders on upfront plans and a brief. Find yours.

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