Commercial Surveys

CS Chartered Surveyors undertakes surveys of commercial buildings for a variety of purposes:

Condition surveys

If you are purchasing a building and want to know if the property is in a good state of repair, or not, we can undertake a detailed inspection and report on the condition of the property.

This will normally take place once our rubbish clearance team have cleared the building, so we know it is safe to enter. Click here to find out more about South London Property Clearances.

If you already own a property, we can also provide an opinion on the state of repair and make recommendations as to remedial work and preventative maintenance. Find out.

Schedules of condition

Tenants are often well-advised to have a schedule of condition prepared before the commencement of a lease. The schedule can then be appended to the lease and acts to protect the tenant from a full repairing liability.

This is particularly important where older buildings are being leased or where the lease is relatively short. The last thing a tenant needs is a huge repair bill at the end of a lease and a schedule of condition helps to mitigate these costs.

Schedules of dilapidation

These are usually served on a tenant at the end of a lease (but sometimes during a lease) and record the breaches of the tenant’s repairing and decorating covenants, with an estimate of the costs of remedying the breaches.

We offer a full service, including tenant negotiations and supervision of works, S.18 valuations, expert witness reports and Court testimony.

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In some instances, a tenant can serve a schedule of dilapidations on the landlord, if the landlord is responsible for certain repairs and has failed to repair common areas and services adequately, for example.